Although Milos is not famous for its thermal waters, there are several sites where hydrothermal activity (derived from volcanic activity) created sources of hot
curative waters. Some of them will be mentioned in the following paragraphs.

In Adamas the Baths of Lakos with temperature ranging from 330 C to 410 C.
Water contains elements like: chlorite, iron, sulfur and other thermal minerals.

These are the only recognized spas which were first reported by Hippocrates in
ancient times (in "On Epidemics' book mentions the treatment of an Athenian
suffering from skin disease). It is located in a cave 15 meters long and offers
treatment for rheumatism, arthritis, muscle diseases, skin and peripheral nerve
diseases. The working period lasts from July 15 until October 15 and from 7am to

All other hot springs are located near to popular coast sites, but can only be
identified by sprout bubbles coming up from the bottom of the sea (in shallow
waters). Some of these sites are as follows:

  • In Canava, close to the Adamas, southwest of PPC establishments with a
  • temperatures up to 500 C, for arthritis treatment.
  • In Provatas beach with fumarols containing water steam of sulphide composition,
  • and temperature ranging from 650 to 900 C.
  • In Paliochori where water contains sulphide, alipiges and the temperature ranges
  • from 650 to 900 C.
  • In Skinopi with water containing alipiges and with a temperature up to 410 C.