The biggest advantage of Milos as a touristic destination, is the variety of
beautiful beaches all around its coast line. There are over 70 different beaches
with crystal clear waters, golden sand shores and due to its volcanic origin,
colorful rock formations. This latter fact produces coastline rock formations, with
colors like red, in other cases yellow – purple, in some other black - gray and in
combination with the platinum or gray - white pebbles or sand, an enchanting and
unique landscape is created, making Milos different even from the other islands
of the Cyclades.

The fact that the seashore is full of beaches all around the island, offers the
advantage of selection of a wind protected coast and therefore visitors can swim
without been annoyed by big waves or by the twirling of the sand.

There is a big road network to almost all the beaches, the only difference being
that in the south and southwest parts of the island, the main access is only
possible through dirt roads. If someone doesn’t want to use his/her car, he/she
can visit these beaches from the sea, with boats which make daily trips to these
regions, or they can rent a car. Two of the most famous beaches on the island,
visited by boat are Gerakas and Kleftiko. These places have been characterized
as zones of "infinite beauty" by the relative authorities of the European Union and
they are presented in most of the souvenir cards in Cyclades.

From Adamas and very close to our rented rooms, there is a bus terminal, where
busses travel to all, most famous beaches. North and northwest are the beaches
of Pollonia, St. Constantine, Alogomandra, Achivadolimni, Mytakas, Sarakiniko,
Plathiena and Fyropotamos. In the south and eastern part of the island the
following famous beaches can be found: Ag. Kyriaki, Paliochori, Provatas,
Tsigrado and Fyriplaka. Most of these beaches are 8 km maximum distance from
our apartments. Many visitors prefer the southern beach of Adamas (Papikinou)
which is just 800 meters from “Aerolithos”, our apartments.