The long coastline of Milos and the variety of weather in terms of air blown, are
crucial parameters for the sports that can be addressed this period of the year.
Most of the summer days there are ideal conditions for the advanced and
amateur windsurfers (and kitesurfers), particularly in the bay of Adamas,
which is all round protected and looks like a lake (a unique phenomenon in
the Cyclades), having as “base of operations” the Beach of Papikinou and
Achivadolimni (relatively close to our apartments in Adamas ).

Diving is another hobby that you can enjoy and have real fun in most of the
beaches and sea sites such as Arkoudes or Polyaigos wich is included in the
Natura 2000, as one of the most important habitats in the European Union. In
addition to these the numerous underwater caves, the shoals, the underwater
hot springs and the rare animal species like the seal monachous – monachous
(especially in the north of the island), promise a fascinating dive.
There is a diving center in Pollonia, where you can rent all the necessary gear
and the boat, or alternatively you can take scuba diving lessons and get your first
unique experience to the magnificent places mentioned before.

The striking colored volcanic coastline of the island with the numerous caves,
is an ideal setting for exploration by Canoe - Kayak. The so called sea-Kayak
will calm you down in inaccessible from shore beaches and you will appreciate
the crystal clear waters at the pace you wish. So far, there is a sea kayak Milos
center that rents Kayak boats and all the other necessary gear.