One of the truly memorable experiences that every visitor has to come across,
is the tour of the island by boat. In this case you will have the opportunity to visit
beautiful beaches that are inaccessible by land, swim in crystal clear – turquoise
coloured waters, stay speechless by the geometric shapes of the numerous
colorful geological formations, and finally explore caves and the nearby island of

In the beach of Adamas and just 400 meters away from our
apartments' “Aerolithos ", many boats (motor and sail) depart daily for a number
of destinations. Some of them accomplish the daily round of the island, stopping
at various places for swimming and lunch, while others follow smaller routes
spending more time in swimming, photo shooting and eating. If you finally decide
to do the ride with one of the boats, do not forget to see Kleftiko, The cave of
Sykia, the Old Sulphur mine (Theiorycheia) and finally Glaronisia.

If you want to go for the tour do not forget to book a seat on one of the boats
from the previous night and an exciting sea tour is going to be there for you.
Apart from Adamas, a small ferry boat departs everyday and several times within
a day, from Pollonia (a village in the northern part of Milos island) to Kimolos.

Another unusual and unforgettable experience is visiting the old Sulphur
mine - Theiorycheia. The view of the old mining galleries, the abandoned
old office furniture and equipment, the yellow stones (sulfur) and the nearby
turquoise beach, are creating a different environment, as if the time has stopped
somewhere in the past. The mining works began in the period of 1900 and
experienced a real boom in the 1930's until 1960, where all visible works and
facilities existing today were created. This place is located in the eastern part of
the island in Paliorema and one can be guided there from Adamas, then move on
to Zefiria and finally through a dirt road towards east and to the sea. Alternatively,
you can find a suitable boat excursion departing from Adamas and making at
least a stop in that spot.